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Community Engagement

Strengthening collaborative partnerships focused on supporting the child protective services system will lead to greater awareness of the needs of children served by the CPS system and foster actions that result in improvements in the well-being of those children.

The Quality Improvement Coalition in Hampton and Greenwood counties will:

Establish the Coalition Structure and Membership

In its initial meetings, the coalition will review the Quality Improvement Project goals and the coalition’s role in the project, and discuss the coalition’s purpose, membership and infrastructure. Also, the coalition will complete activities to determine the community assets that are available and/or needed in relation to children that come into contact with the child protective services system, e.g., foster children.

Develop and Implement a Community Support Action Plan

The Community Support Action Plan will address how the community can improve the well-being of children impacted by the child protective services system and how the coalition can support the process improvements implemented in the local DSS offices. The coalition will incorporate the coalition objectives and results of the asset mapping and gap analysis processes into the Action Plan. The Action Plan will serve as a road map for the coalition.

The coalition will meet monthly to develop the Community Support Action Plan and implement the short term objectives included in the plan. During the monthly coalition meetings, local DSS office representatives that serve on the coalition will provide updates on the child protective services system process improvement activities and progress.

Measure the Effectiveness of the Coalition

The coalition will assess its progress in implementing the short-term objectives in its Community Support Action Plan and will assess its effectiveness and efficiency in meeting the objectives in the Action Plan. In addition, the coalition will develop a plan for sustaining its activities after the project is complete.

The Southern Institute will provide technical assistance and consultation to the coalitions throughout the project. Southern Institute staff will assist the coalitions in developing action steps for improving community support for children in the child protective services system and in measuring results. In addition, the Southern Institute will provide consultation on sustaining the coalitions and their activities.


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