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County Internal Process Improvement

The Southern Institute will work intensively within Hampton and Greenwood Counties to 1) diagnose issues; 2) identify strategies for improvements; 3) implement strategies for improvement; and 4) assess the results of the implementation. The process improvement teams will develop the skills to identify problems as they occur through the utilization of data and continuous review of the flow of the process.

The process improvement team in each county will:

Form a Process Improvement Team

A team consisting of a team leader, front line expert, policy and procedural expert and data expert will be established in each county. The process improvement team will participate in an orientation meeting.

Diagnose Issues and Root Causes

The team will complete an intensive program diagnostic process using tools such as process flow maps, cause and effect diagrams, observation of work and data analysis. To assist the teams in identifying issues, the Southern Institute has partnered with the American Humane Association to review a sample of child protective services case records in each county. In addition, teams will analyze existing data in the Child and Adult Protective Services System and the Southern Institute will provide data to the teams based an analysis of the CPS stakeholder interviews routinely conducted by DSS.

Test and Implement Improvement Strategies

The team will test changes on a small scale and evaluate results using the Plan-Do-Study-Act method of rapid learning. The team will maintain records of its test data and subsequent actions. This information will be shared among the process improvement teams to accelerate learning and problem solving. The teams will meet through conference calls and face to face to share their learning, discuss barriers and stimulate each other to make rapid improvements. Each team will collect documentation of proven strategies to share with other counties in the state.

The Southern Institute will work closely with the county teams throughout the project by providing consultation and leadership in completing process maps, assisting teams in analyzing data and identifying potential improvements.


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