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Our Unique Tools Are Designed to Identify and Meet the Clients’ Needs


Southern Institute coalition experts offer a menu of effective tools to identify and address the needs of a collaborative partnership or coalition.  Our customized tools include:

  • Online Coalition Assessment is designed as a self-assessment tool to gather a composite of individuals’ perspectives about their particular coalition or collaborative partnership based on key elements of effective collaboration.  A data analysis report from the Southern Institute identifies strengths, challenges, areas for improvement and recommendations for the group to act upon based on the content of the self-assessments.
  • Asset Mapping and Gap Analysis are effective tools that engages a group in assessing its current partners or members and other resources such as members’ knowledge and expertise, community networks and in-kind and monetary support. This assessment activity leads to the gap analysis process where participants are engaged in identifying additional resources to tap and designing a plan of action for securing the new resources.
  • Strategic Action Planning is a hands-on, action-oriented and practical tool.  Many participants have experience in strategic planning. However, the Southern Institute’s tool challenges participants to plan from the impact and outcome measurement perspective utilizing real time benchmarks for measuring progress and adjusting planned activities.
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency Measurement tool assists in assessing the outcomes and impact of implemented strategies or action plans.  The tool helps participants plan and measure both the effectiveness and efficiency of the resources (human capitol, time, monies) utilized and the activities implemented. The process encourages the groups to look critically at the outcomes and impact with questions such as, does the end justify the means and at what cost. With the current economical environment, collaborative groups are commonly faced with limited resources and are working to maximize and leverage resources at-hand.
  • Sustainability Evaluation is designed to assist collaborative partnerships and coalitions in measuring their group’s potential for sustaining their collaborative organization and/or its efforts.  Based on key elements for sustainability, the activity engages groups in hands-on evaluation of these specific elements relative to their coalitions.  From there, the group decides on action strategies for sustaining their collaborative partnerships and their efforts.



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