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Our Mission

Founded in 1990, the Southern Institute on Children and Families is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the well-being of children and families, especially those who are economically disadvantaged.  We create opportunities to meet basic needs through achievement of innovative, research-based policies, effective policy implementation and efficient service delivery.  In pursuit of these goals, we generate knowledge and build leadership that result in action.


Our first principle is credibility.  The credibility of our research and the reliability of our policy analysis and recommendations are paramount to our goals.  Our knowledge and credibility in quality improvement methods and strategies are core competencies that can and do improve the lives of children and families.


Creating and improving opportunities for children and families cannot and will not happen without leadership.  The Southern Institute is at the forefront of providing and building leadership necessary to improve access to benefits and services that help families meet basic needs. 

Our expertise and innovation is well known in building and sustaining coalitions.  Since our inception we have successfully forged partnerships and coalitions involving national, state and local governments, business leaders, community and advocacy leaders and recipients of benefits to reform and transform the accessibility, efficiency and delivery of services.


The Southern Institute has a strong track record of achievement.  Our knowledge, credibility and leadership are the precursors to the achievement of measurable improvements in the lives of families and children.  The actions are multi-faceted and include improvement in policies, process and systems, innovative program design, and the introduction and application of new organizational and management strategies.

To promote action, the Southern Institute shares its knowledge and expertise with a wide audience through the dissemination of reports and other publications, presentations at national, state and local meetings and the use of electronic communications.

Knowledge, Leadership, Action … are the foundation on which the Southern Institute carries out its mission. 

The Southern Institute on Children and Families directs national, regional, state and local programs and projects consistent with our mission.




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