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Information Outreach Brochures

The Southern Institute developed Information Outreach Brochures to publicize benefits available to lower-income working families and to provide basic guidelines about eligibility for these benefits. The brochures were replicated and localized in 16 southern states, and Spanish-language versions also were developed. In addition, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provided further support to develop six accompanying information outreach videos in English and Spanish for use with the brochures, including a training video on how to most effectively use the brochures.

Leaving Welfare for Work Isn't As Scary as it Seems (for families on cash assistance): This colorful brochure tells families that they can work full time and still receive some benefits, including health coverage. This is ideal for review with welfare families at redetermination interviews and in job readiness classes.

Have You Heard About Benefits for Working Families??? (for general community outreach): This brochure is designed to help families who apply for cash assistance to understand that they can receive Medicaid and other benefits without having to be on welfare. It is appropriate for distribution through schools, health providers, churches and other community organizations and to employers for dissemination in the workplace.

Facts for Employers (for employers of low-wage or minimum wage workers): This brochure provides employers with information on how to connect lower-income workers to benefits that basically supplement low wages at no cost to employers. It is an effective communication tool for use with employers and business groups.




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