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Building the Capacity of Partnerships and Coalitions to Achieve Results

Collaborative partnerships and coalitions guided by a common purpose can be powerful forces in improving child and family well-being. Effective collaboration has always played a key role in activities of the Southern Institute on Children and Families, and one of our greatest strengths is the ability to bring diverse individuals and groups together around a common goal to achieve results. We are nationally recognized as a leader in developing and sustaining effective coalitions and collaborative partnerships. The Southern Institute has extensive experience in providing consultation services to a wide range of coalitions focused on improving the well-being of children and families, including large statewide collaborations, smaller community-based groups, emerging coalitions, evolving coalitions and experienced coalitions.

The Southern Institute has expertise in helping collaborative partnerships and coalitions increase effectiveness and sustain their efforts to improve the lives of families and children. We offer customized consultation services to assist individual coalitions as well as foundations and other organizations that depend on coalition-driven initiatives to achieve their program goals. Southern Institute coalition experts have developed a menu of customized tools and activities to facilitate our individualized consultation services, including:

  • Online coalition self-assessment
  • Membership assessment
  • Resource asset mapping
  • Strategic action planning
  • Effectiveness and efficiency measurement
  • Sustainability evaluation

Judi Cramer, MS, Senior Consultant, is a credentialed coalition consultation staff member at the Southern Institute. She is recognized as an expert and leader in building and sustaining effective coalitions and collaborative partnerships. Please contact Judi Cramer for more information on coalition consulting services available through the Southern Institute.



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