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Retention Promising Strategies

Promising strategies are emerging from the participating states’ efforts to improve the retention of eligible children and adults in Medicaid and SCHIP. These states have been engaged in identifying areas for improvement, planning strategies and making changes to their Medicaid and SCHIP renewal policies and processes. Strategies implemented include improving and streamlining the renewal process for Medicaid and SCHIP, simplifying renewal forms and communications, and increasing efficiency in eligibility determination offices.

The strategies are designed to reduce the number of inappropriate Medicaid and SCHIP closures and decrease churning of eligible children and adults off and on these programs; thereby, the rate of retention for their state’s Medicaid and SCHIP programs improves.

Electronic Referral Systems Between Medicaid and SCHIP

The Iowa and Pennsylvania teams have implemented electronic referral systems between their Medicaid and SCHIP systems. These strategies have the potential to work in other states with effective leadership and adequate resources. Outcome data from both systems demonstrate effective coordination between Medicaid and SCHIP, preventing gaps in health coverage for eligible children and adults. When public programs are coordinated, continuity of health coverage is maintained and state and local eligibility offices experience increased efficiency and administrative cost savings. Click on the hyperlinks below for descriptions of the Iowa and Pennsylvania electronic referral systems:

Iowa’s Auto Referral System for Medicaid and SCHIP

Pennsylvania’s Electronic Referral: Healthcare Handshake

Simplified and Streamlined Medicaid and SCHIP Correspondence

Florida, in the effort to improve readability and eliminate duplication and inconsistencies of its correspondence for children’s Medicaid and SCHIP programs, conducted a comprehensive review of its numerous written communications. A state task force was organized to simplify and streamline the content and number of correspondence.

Florida’s Simplified and Streamlined Medicaid and SCHIP Correspondence

Statewide Centralized Medicaid Renewal System

New Mexico implemented its Medicaid Renew Project (MRP) as a statewide pilot effective October 01, 2007. One centrally located unit is now responsible for the Medicaid/Medicaid Expansion renewal process for children and families. The centralized renewal system reduces the caseload burden for the county office workers and streamlines the renewal process through a simplified pre-populated renewal form and by offering multiple renewal options.

New Mexico’s Centralized Medicaid Renewal System


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